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Types of Relationships

There are all types of relationships. It all depends on what you're referring to.

It may mean dating, marriage, business, parenting and family, or just friends or with benefits etc. ;)

Relationships of all types basically focus around a few key factors that within this site you'll hear or read a lot about.

And these key factors are extremely high on my list when it comes to most relationships. If you try to keep these few factors in mind always and I mean always, your relationship, no matter what category will have it's foundation.

I'm speaking about consideration, common courtesy for others, respect and trust.

Most relationships of all types have to have these factors to survive.

Common courtesy and consideration just may bring trust and respect automatically.

Remove one of these factors and your relationship may not survive. For instance we humans need food, water and shelter.

Most species on this planet do. Remove one of these elements and it will become more difficult to survive.

Which one would you give up?, hmmmm. Now that's something to think about, it ain't easy dudes. Well don't fret my peeps.

I, the Relationship Doctor, not that I have a PhD or all that other mumbo jumbo, will try to help and put things in it's proper prospective.

You'll find all types of information that will be a start to understanding what's missing in your relationship and other parts of your life.

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