About Clays Relationship Advice

Well hello there. I'm Clay, of Clays Relationship Advice.com.

Well, I grew up in NYC with my parents in a historical community in Manhattan called Harlem, and the west side of the Bronx.

A little street, and a little conservative. If you've haven't seen it or heard it, just stick around cause you will.

Not saying that you can be from the streets and not be conservative. I've seen and heard a lot growing up in NYC.

I can say I was blessed in some ways for being a NYC native.

My mom is from the South and my dad was from the Caribbean. My dad, God bless his soul, died a few years ago. But he was a rough son of a gun.

I call my mom every day and try to see her every Sunday. She's no joke either. That's right, I'm some what of a mommas boy and I'm proud of it.

Having Fun...

Well anyway when I was a mere young lad, my boys and I, and I didn't have many cause I was basically a loner, used to hit all the clubs and bars.

Some people went to clubs and bars just to drink, dance, socialize and have fun.

My boys and I used to attend these establishments to dance, socialize and pick up women.

Mostly pick up women. We used to have competitions on how many numbers each one of us got at the end of the night.

The winner bought breakfast. We were young and dumb. Now don't get me wrong, we all were very respectful and had morals.

When we thought we were bad, we always found women and men that were somewhat worse and never ceased to amaze us.

I never thought I was all that in the looks department but some women did. I felt I had to have an edge.

I had to know how to talk and do things that women liked, and were attracted to.

(Clays Relationship Advice will try to help men and women to build their confidence and self esteem etc.).

Humor was one of my strong point strategies to use. Hey, who doesn't like to laugh. If it's you, well you just may need rehab.

To have that certain personality, learn to know your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Learn yourself and know what you want and go for it. Try to eliminate all fears.

Some people will call it in my case, being a man. But I beg to differ. It's not easy to just walk up to a perfect stranger and just say the right things to start a conversation.

I know, I've been through it.

It takes practice till you're comfortable. That goes for men and women. Clays Relationship Advice will go over that, amongst other strategies.

Now, society dictates that men are supposed to make the first move. We are the poor souls that stick our necks out farther to be more susceptible to rejection.

All most women have to do is sit and wait for us to make the first move.

There are some places within this site that will explain that's not necessarily the right thing to do.

Children and Parenting

With that said dealing with only women by birth in my lifetime, I've dealt some single parents as well. I had a chance to see good things and not so good.

I'm sorry to say that some women just don't have the foggiest idea on how to raise children.

VCR's and appliances come with manuals but children don't. Hey, I just may bring that up in the next clinic I attend, to give out "how to manuals" and "fliers" to Clays Relationship Advice in the maternity ward.

I've heard them speak about their past relationships and what their future plans are and were. I've watched them and listened to them.

Not to go on and on, there came a time when I've realized that I've seen and heard so many scenarios, that I started sharing and giving some of Clays Relationship Advice, and most people loved it.

And sometimes I just couldn't help but to speak up even when not asked. There came a time when friends and just acquaintances called me just to talk to me.

Most people liked listening and talking to me and hearing the truth and some couldn't handle the truth. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. I just love that line in a movie I once saw. I hope to meet those guys someday.

Well anyway, what also helped me in my judgment and knowledge, were my parents.

They always had a way of making me remember, no matter what, have respect, consideration, and have common courtesy for others and the world will be your oyster.

They were another reason for the launching of Clays Relationship Advice. I owe a lot to them.

Maybe those pops in the back of the head had something to do with it too. I guess as my father would say, a little love wouldn't hurt anybody.

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