Welcome to Clays All Come Get Some Relationship Advice Forum. Give and Get Great Tips and Advice.

This relationship advice forum is just another warm, relaxed place to rant and rave. Share some of your best stories, tips and advice. And of course I hope you learn a little somethin somethin yourself.

I formed this forum to help people from all over. Your story just may save a relationship or help end a relationship with class.

Regardless of the contents of the story it can be told here. You can keep it real, but I'll have to ask you all to try and keep it all clean and respectful.

I know some of your relationship stories should be told the way it feels and sometimes those feelings aren't too good, so trust me I know.

So have fun, and share a photo with your story describing what the photo's about. You can share all of your favorite stories and all sorts of dating tips and advice.

Feel free to help yourself below to share as many stories in as many categories that you like.

All our life experiences are good as gold. No matter if you think yours isn't, someone else may think that it is and vice/versa.

And thanks for dropping by the All Come Get Some Relationship stories, tips and relationship advice Forum.

  • How'd You End Your Last Relationship? Tell your story here -- Did your last relationship end badly?
  • Do you have some great Teen dating tips? Share them here!. -- What Dating Tips Have You Picked up Along the Way? Any age can enter something here. After all we were all teenagers, so share a little wisdom and help the teenagers do the dang thing right! -- Here's a tip from yours truly right now. Guys, pull your pants up, trust me, it ain't cool and you girls do the same.
  • Do You Have A Relationship Test and/or Quiz to Share? -- What do you consider a relationship test?
  • How and What Did You Do to Get Over That Relationship? -- I know relationships are not easy.
  • Do you have any relationship red flags? Share them here! -- What are your BIGGEST Red Flags? I'm sure we all have them.
  • Do you have a great question? Ask here! -- Do you have a question? Or a bump that needs to be addressed? Ask Clay! The Relationship Doctor
  • Do you have a great or bizarre tattoo? Share it here! -- Is it a relationship tattoo of a boyfriend or girlfriend? Did you regret getting it? What made you do it in the first place? Share your favorite pictures of your tattoo and the story behind it.

  • Do You Have a Website or know of a site that would be valuable to my readers? What were you searching for at the time? How did that site help you? You can Share your story here!
  • Have An Abusive Relationship Story to tell? Do you have photos and a great story about this? Were you ever a victim of abuse? Share it here!
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