Don't Believe Everything You Read on Relationship Forums!

When you need counsel, relationship forums may seem like a good place to get it.

After all, you can probably sign up for free, stay anonymous, and speak very candidly about your problems.

You can hopefully hear from a wide range of people who have been through something similar, and learn from their experiences.Unfortunately, that is not always how it turns out.

So how could relationship advice forums steer you wrong? Here are a few ways.

Some online groups are full of members who are nursing grudges and supporting each other in the process.

In other words, their advice will always be "Get rid of the bum" or something similar.

Be Careful Who You Contact

If you suggest that you still love your mate and want to save the relationship, the group may start putting pressure on you or even reject you or kick you out of the group!

Watch out for groups with a bad attitude.

There are many people online who adopt an identity and personality that is not their own in order to flirt (or more) with other people (who may be doing the same thing!)

Be very cautious about getting too involved with one particular person who seems to be getting interested in you.

While many people have met the love of their lives online, there are others who have had disastrous and dangerous results when they finally met that person they thought they knew.

Try And Fit In Where You're Comfortable

In a relationship advice forum, you are probably seeking advice for fixing your own ailing relationship, but remember there are many lonely people hanging around on internet bulletin boards.

Be aware and take precautions.

One thing that may help is to choose a forum centered around your own religious beliefs or favorite social cause but be careful with those as well.

Such a group is likely to include people who are like-minded with you, and you may get some really helpful advice. Birds of a feather usually flock together.

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