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Be a Giver

The best relationship advice that I have ever received is to always focus on being a giver, not a receiver. If each person in the relationship is more

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Great Relationship Advice

Complete relationship advice for every type of relationship. From romantic dating to marriage and divorce, you will find your answers here.

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Lesbian Ex's Still Around....Almost Daily!

Visitors Question: My girlfriend's 2 ex's are now married and call and text her constantly and want us to hang out frequently. Like every other day

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Should I Stay In This Relationship And Accept Or Should I Leave And Try Again?

Visitors Ques: I have been dating a man now for 4 years and we have been engaged for 3. I am 51 and he is 52. I am legally divorced and have 2 daughters,

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Little Boys

Visitors Story: I'm in a relationship with a 23 year old and we have a one year old child together and I'm pregnant with his second one. When I got

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Is asking for money + a red flag?

Visitors Question: I am dating someone who lives in the same apartment building as me first date was Tuesday & i am invited to go bowling this afternoon,

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Do I stay or do I go?

Visitors Question: I had my first relationship with a girl about 3 ago. It was great for about 2 months until I started to find we couldn't really sort

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Should I Leave or Should I Stay?

Visitors Question Hi! I am from Manila in the Philippines. Just to let you know, 'cause some situations may not apply to me as that with someone living

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please help me

Visitors Question: hello I have a question and I need help don't know where to go or do I been trying to get counseling but I can't afford it , so I been

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Am I wasting my time

Visitors Question: Hi, I have known this guy since I was 19. He moved away we broke up. Ran into him a few years later,I was still heart broken over someone

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in love with a married woman

Visitors Question: I and a married woman in love and I live with her and her husband because we cannot be away from each other, although the relationship

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is my girl cheating? or is she right for saying i need help?

Visitors Question: I always think my girl is cheating we haven't been together that long. she always talking about what side conversation her and her

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Secret Relationship

Visitors Question: I started to like my best friend, this became a problem because I am a female and so is my best friend. To my surprise we both fell

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Platonic relationship

Visitors Question: I am in a relationship with a man who is impotent. I fell in love with him and we are living together and making plans for our future

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Visitors Question: I have been in a relationship for 2 years. My boyfriend loves me sincerely but at the same time keeps close ties with other girls.

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A Friend Proposed

Visitors Question I am 26 years old girl very fat and dark in complexion. A few days back a friend of mine said he wanted to marry me. I don't know why

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Is relationship all about sex?

Visitors Question: This question has a wider meaning than it talks about. Can a relationship can be effective by sex only? Only physical intimation is

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how is your relationship with your ex girl friend

Visitors Question after marriage some people terminate relationship with their girl friends but some will continue after wards if they come to re connect

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Is it possible to like a guy just as a friend after having liked him and if possible, how?

Visitors Question: I've liked this one guy I met at the Bible college I attend, for a while. He is a committed Christian. We are friends and since it's

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How Do You Know When to Call It Quits?

Visitors Question: I've been dating my guy for about 7 and a half years now and we've been living together for the past 5 years. He is showing no inclination

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