How Do You Know When to Call It Quits?

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I've been dating my guy for about 7 and a half years now and we've been living together for the past 5 years.

He is showing no inclination to take the relationship to the next level (marriage).

He has become very selfish, doing things only for himself, and not considering me in any way.

We hardly ever talk about anything other than work issues, or rather he talks about his work issues because he doesn't listen to anything I say at all.

We don't go out together except to catch an occasional movie, maybe one every two months.
When things get really bad and we argue, he starts treating me better for about 5 days before things get back to normal.

I know I love him. I am attracted to him, but I can't bring myself to be physically intimate with him until I can say that I know that he loves me too.

Should I continue waiting or should I call it quits?


For starters, I think it's time you two had a heart to heart talk. Lay everything on the table and tell him how you feel.

Come to some sort of conclusion, I'm not saying to pack your bags just yet.

Sit down and talk things out, see what's on his mind and listen carefully. Leave no stone unturned.

I hope I've given you something to start with. Good luck and all the best.

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