Some of the Best Relationship Articles

There's plenty of relationship articles, advice and tips out there.

How true are they? What problem or problems are you having? Need dating advice?

You may just be looking for some advice for future reference.

Maybe looking for some tips to help along the way of your relationship, whatever it may be.

You'd be surprised how many different types of relationships are out there. Some seem strange and some seem veeery strange.

I've tried to find some of the, as some people may say, out of the box types of relationships. And if there is something that may seem just a little different, I'll list it on this page so check back periodically.

These are just a tip of the iceberg of relationship advice, different types of relationships and just some strange and different stuff I think you should know about that can help or entertain you.

Most stuff that you see online are just someone else opinion or their experience in life. So be careful and don't believe everything you read. You must say to yourself sometime, hmmmm, does that make sense? Can I relate to this? etc.

There's plenty of info and stories and I'll do my best to bring the best of the best to you. For instance I was just reading an article and in that article, one person asked what is it that they have to offer another.

As I read further, I realized that the person asking had nerve to even ask such a question. Just from what I've read about them, they didn't even have their own place or anything else for that matter.

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