Adult Breastfeeding Relationships Happen Naturally

Maybe adult breastfeeding relationships sound a little weird or a little kinky, but in reality, they are quite natural.

When a new baby enters the household, the best diet possible for that new little life is its own mother's milk.

But where does that leave the new dad? Obviously, it stands to reason that the man of the house will get his share of mom's milk as they go about their normal marital lovemaking.

It is nothing to worry about, as the baby's milk supply will probably not be diminished that much.

In fact, the extra stimulation can be helpful in establishing the mother's milk supply.

Fathers can also be helpful when the mother needs to express milk for some reason.

Did You Know That......

In the very early days after a birth, when mom is still too sore for sex, dad can find helping his woman relieve her milk supply is quite arousing for both of them, as well as being relaxing and romantic. After all, that little one was the product of their love for each other.

Some couples may wonder if it's safe to pursue this sort of adult relationship, but there is really nothing to worry about. Do be aware, however, that breast milk has a rather odd smell and taste, and may not seem very enticing!

For many couples, however, the breastfeeding relationship is one of close bonding and sweet togetherness as they look forward to raising a child together.

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