The Many Phases of Mother Daughter Relationships

Mother daughter relationships will go through many different phases. A mother can be someone who cramps your style during the teenage years.

They can also become your best friend once you have become an adult. There may be many happy times and there will be times of tears.

Teenage years can be particularly troublesome in the majority of mother-daughter relationships.

This is generally a time of rebellion as daughters are becoming women in their own rights and expect not to be treated like a child.

For a mother, this is often an anxious time. They want to allow their daughter freedom, but they also don't want their daughter to grow up and leave the nest too soon.

This can be an extremely difficult and emotional time for mother and daughter to get past without tears and tantrums. But the important thing is to remember that it will pass.

Mother and daughter relationships can bloom into friendship once the teenage years are over. You may become more like friends or sisters than mother daughter.

You may giggle and laugh together, go out shopping, enjoy a movie together, share boyfriend problems and fix each others hair.

However, this is not to say that this phase in your relationship will not be without its problems.

It is important to remember that while you're more like friends or sisters at this stage, this is still a mother and daughter relationship and sometimes this should be allowed to show through.

There may be times when your daughter may need you in the role as "mother" and not friend. Mom will have to set that standard from the very beginning.

There's times when your mother needs you to respect her as the elder.

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