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How are you, and welcome. The aim of this website is to provide you with relationship advice from a MAN'S perspective.

If you're here it must mean that you are interested in seeking help in your present or potential relationship.

I'd like to help you with one of the most personal and important parts of a human’s life - their interpersonal relationships.

I'm sure that whatever your reason is for your visit today, that you'll find the topic that you are looking for.

I've helped (friends, family, and acquaintances) to see things a little differently.

I keep it real. Meaning,

  • I'm straight to the point, no chasers.
  • I shoot from the hip.
  • I use different analogies and scenarios so you can understand things better and see things more clearly.
  • I give you a reflection of what you need to see.
  • I help balance relationships because I can clearly see both sides.
  • I don't sugar coat anything. There is absolutely no point in doing so. I tell it like it is. You want the truth right...RIGHT?. Of course you do.

    First I'd like to ask you a few questions. Are you happy with yourself?. Are you comfortable with the way you look and feel mentally and physically? Are you happy with your career?

    I only ask these things because if you don't answer yes to most or all of these questions, then you should take care of those things first before you bring someone else into your world.

    Love yourself first. In other words, have a great relationship with yourself first. So I guess I'd call it self relationship advice. lol

    Please have a look around and you'll find fantastic tips on all types of relationships and how I can probably help you with yours. If there's a topic that you would like added, please feel free to contact us.

    There's fun stuff like tests and quizzes and interesting relationship stories from our readers.

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