A Few Pieces of Relationship Advice for Men

When it comes to relationship advice for men, it often starts and stops with communication.

After all, we men are not always up to the task of sharing our feelings about everything under the sun, and sometimes we don't really want to talk at all!

However, it's important to note that relationships require sacrifices, including occasionally have to talk about something you don't want to, when you don't want to.

Listen to her

When you do talk, make sure you listen to what your significant other is saying. I've seen many guys through the years who simply do not seem to get what women are saying.

If you give it a little bit of effort, it really is not that difficult! Take the time to listen, and things will get much better for both of you. Remember neither one of you knows everything.

Something may be said that can make things look a little differently, but stay focused and don't let her manipulate the conversation to suit her. And I mean, LISTEN, because some women usually say one thing and mean another.

And if that's the case make sure you understand exactly what she's saying. She may play games and bounce around but you stay focused. Some women may call this demanding or being aggressive.

Some aggression is good, meaning.....

You're supposed to be aggressive; you're a man! If you weren't aggressive in some ways, she probably wouldn't like you anyway. Just state that hey, I'm just trying to get the full understanding before there is a misunderstanding.

Be a Man, cause that's what she wants

Through all of this, the best relationship advice for men includes that you shouldn't forget that you are, in fact, a man. Too often, men decide that after a relationship starts, they must always show that they are head over heels in love with the other person.

That is a good thing, in moderate doses, but don't smother her or make her feel that you have completely changed and lost your independence.

Doing things like that are what lead many "nice" guys to conclude that women simply aren't interested in them. They are, but they are also interested in being with a man, so don't lose sight of who you are!

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