Understanding Women In Relationships

Understanding women in relationships will help any man to have a better relationship.

A woman can also improve her relationship if she learns to better understand herself.

Men often feel that women are mysterious, unpredictable or irrational.

The reasons behind this “phenomena” are different "roles" that are assigned by society to women and to men.

Every human being receives certain "guidance" from society, in every aspect of their life: their status, profession, gender, race, etc.

Our friends and family expect us to act according to our roles in society.

The stereotypes often make women in relationships wear a mask of a "princess", a "perfect wife" and so on.

Society also tries to place stereotypes on men, making a man wear a mask of a "macho", a “perfect husband", and so on.

Pay Attention to Life and What's Going on Around You

I am starting to see that the men of today are not being brought up to speed with the modern day woman. Growing up, men are still being taught the old fashioned way.

They're being taught that they’re supposed to take care of the woman. That's true, but to a certain extent. Now a day, with womens independence, women aren't as needy.

Women these days probably just need a man there for moral support or maybe a shoulder to cry on. Or when that big gorilla jumps out the bushes, she's gonna want you to pitch till she's off safe and sound. ;)

These social masks often distance the partners from one another. What you see may not be the reality, but the mask that your partner is wearing.

It's hard to understand one another if you are both wearing masks, and learning to take off the masks will help you to understand each other much better.

Be Yourself, Sometime It's Not Societies Way

Open communication and being you is the key to any good relationship. Understanding women in relationships requires a man to first understand himself and what he wants. He needs to be willing to take off his mask.

If you don't know what she wants, well then just ask. Questions like, “honey, what type of man you are looking for?” and vice verse can open up the conversation.

The truth is that most people want the same from their relationships: love, affection, friendship and support.

Be true, respect your partner as you would respect yourself, communicate, and everything else should fall into place.

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