The Basics of Men and Relationships

Setting all the jokes and stereotypes aside, what is the truth of men and relationships?

It is safe to say that most men have outgrown the outdated stereotypes regarding men and their relationships.

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The old notion was that men are basically primates who never discuss their feelings, don't want to talk or (gasp!) cuddle, and who care about little else than sports, cars, and earning a living.

While there may be some truth in a few of those sentiments (we do love our sports, and please don't call it "cuddling"), the realities about men and their relationships have changed.


Lack of communication is no longer the issue it once was with many men regarding relationships. Men are more likely nowadays to let you know what they're thinking.

At the same time, men may not always want to talk when women do; so keep that in mind ladies. Patience can be key when considering men in relationships.

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Time Apart...

One truth about men in relationships is that men do require some time apart. Just like ladies love to get together and do things, men need time go get together with their buddies and just be guys for awhile.

If your man has been going shopping and watching chick flicks with you lately, don't restrict him from spending some time with the boys.

After all, you don't make a relationship with a man work by trying to keep him on a "short leash". in reality, that's actually the quickest way to get him out the door.

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