Get Romance Going with Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Here's a few dating tips for shy guys. If you're a shy guy, chances are there's some woman out there who already thinks you're wonderful and she's just waiting for you to make the first move!

Don't expect it to be the gorgeous social butterfly everyone wants, though.

Look around and see if you notice a young lady who smiles demurely or blushes when you look at her.

Chances are she already likes you. Here are some dating tips for shy guys to help you get a romance going.

First, remember you're a man, so man up

Men are supposed to be tough. That means that you can't let fear of rejection keep you from asking for a girl's number or otherwise making the first move.

I know, it's not easy to just walk up to a perfect stranger and start a conversation. It take practice.

It's not supposed to be just a man thing. If society told women they had to make the first move, most wouldn't because most couldn't.

If she does say she's not interested, even if she's rude about it, try to realize you do not have to take it personally. Be thick-skinned and try someone else.

Second, remember that girls can be shy too.....

as well as feeling old-fashioned social pressure to let the guy make the first move. Nothing thrills a girl quite like hearing that phone ring, though. (Unless it's seeing your name in her email box!)

And I'm sure you'd be thrilled as well when if your phone rings, so let her know that in some ways.

Everyone loves attention and wants to know if that other person is interested. Try not to let that be one sided when you're the only on calling.

Most women are simply hardwired to respond to a man's advances rather than the other way around.

That might seem old-fashioned, and it doesn't make it ok, but it doesn't keep it from being exciting when it happens!

Finally, if an outgoing girl makes an overture towards you, whether she asks you out or simply flirts a little, go along with it.

If you make it past that first date and you like her, then by all means give her a call.

It won't be long until the anxiety of shyness will be replaced by the wonder that this awesome woman is really your girlfriend!

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