Mother Son Relationships - Boys, Teenagers, Adults

Mother son relationships are very special. It's a miracle to see the pure love in the eyes of a boy looking at his mother, and the unconditional love that a mother has for her son.

Find Time to be With and Support your Son

Emotional closeness takes time to build, and that's why you need to start early. Even if you have a hard job, even if you are a single mom, find exclusive time for you and your son.

You can go places that you both enjoy, or watch a movie that you both like; whatever you do, try to regularly spend some quality time together.

Your son may communicate in a different style than you, as well as he may need more emotional space. Try to always be there for him, stay positive, honest, and trustworthy.

Don't be Influenced by Society and other Pressures

As your son grows up, it will take effort to maintain a close relationship with him. Your teenage boy will be faced with the so-called "male code"; he will be affected by the street, friends, pop culture, the media, etc.

There is a lot that you can do to maintain closeness with your son in this period of life. First of all, disregard any social messages that may pressure you to distance from one another.

Remember: the influence of the friends and the street will pass, but you will always be his mother, and he will always be your little boy.

Be patient, consistent, and always available for your son. Encourage him to be honest with you. Try to reach his mind before the streets do.

Try to Learn about His Interests

Learn more about the issues and interests that are common for his age, including sports, teenage relationships, men's health issues, aids, drugs, and games.

Once your son turns into an adult, there will be a solid foundation between the two of you. Some teenagers and adult men suffer from lack of communication with their mothers, but not in case of the mother son relationships that were built the right way from the beginning.

Teach your Son a Little Responsiblity

Try and make him responsible. Especially when he's young and growing. Give him little tasks to do around the house like taking out the trash, keeping his room tidy, washing his own clothes or help you wash them and etc..

Your son just may want to do these things for you anyway. These little tasks will help his mind to grow into a more responsible taking care of himself adult.

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