Using a Family Relationship Chart to Work out Your Family History

Knowing your family relationship chart could aid you in some delicate situations.

For instance, what would you do if some guy or gal approached you and said, introducing themselves: "Howdy, I'm your second cousin".

Depending on how well you understand familial relationships, you could either say: "Come again?" or "How are you doing, dear cousin?" The chart can help you to determine your relationship with different members of your family.

You could map your family on a chart and work out relationships, understand your familial hierarchy, and learn about one family member's relationship to another.

Family members are placed in columns within vertical and horizontal rows (down and across). You can follow the lines of two family members along the chart to their crossing, and find their relationship to each other and to their mutual ancestor, or know how many generations separate them from their mutual ancestor, and more.

The chart may have some of its fields highlighted, to indicate family members from the same generation. Boxes not highlighted show "removed” persons, which means that the persons in question are of different generations.

For example, your "second cousin" would be from the same generation as you (i.e., not removed), and have the same great-grandparents (but different grandparents). Once removed means a one-generation difference, twice removed - two generations difference, and so on.

There are different other forms and charts that you can use to organize your genealogical research, including family group records, pedigree charts, marriage and descendants charts, etc.

Genealogy charts help to organize the information that you can research and gather about your close and distant family members.

You can gather this information on your own, or consult with your other family members and gather even more data.

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