Ideas for Mending Mother Daughter Relationship Problems

In spite of a natural bond, mother daughter relationship problems are very common.

There are many reasons why this happens.

For one thing, grown daughters often feel like children around their moms.

The moms often cause this uncomfortable feeling by offering critical remarks and unwanted advice.

All according to what's being said. Mom should have her daughters interests and feelings at heart.

For women, one of the most sensitive areas is how they look, and this is an area that causes grief between mothers and daughters.

Mom Probably Still Knows What's Best

For instance, mothers get used to telling their girls what to wear when they are young.

And that's not a bad thing, it's all according to what the daughters style is.

For example, when the daughter is still a little girl, then mom should make sure she dresses like a little girl.

Later, when the girl is growing up, the mother is likely to still feel free to tell her what is wrong with the way she is dressed or how she fixes her hair.

If the daughter has a weight problem and the mother does not, that can make for some very hurtful remarks on the part of the mother.

Sometime it's not What's said But How it's Said

Mothers often do not realize how much their criticism is responsible for their relationship problems with their daughters.

Unwanted advice about money or boyfriends is another source of mother daughter relationship problems.

Of course, a mother probably has her daughter's best interests at heart.

Still, when she decries her daughter's choices, the daughter is likely to feel angry, shamed, or humiliated. A wise mother will bite her tongue more often than not.

If she absolutely must say something, she should be careful to approach the subject with privacy, respect, and love. Daughters are not always innocent either.

Sometimes they have a rebellious streak they are hanging onto that causes them to overreact to anything their mother might say.

Both parties need to try to see the issues from the viewpoint of the other.

For instance, a mother who tried to teach her daughter old-fashioned values is going to be heart-broken to see her daughter sleeping around.

The daughter needs to consider how her mother feels when those casual, but hurtful remarks happen.

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