Daughter and Father Relationship Foundation for Future Adult Relationships

Daughter And Father Relationship

Since most children spend the majority of their time with their parents, a daughter and father relationship becomes the foundation of the girl's future relationships with men.

Where does any individual first learn how to communicate with members of the same and the opposite sex? That's right, in their family.

For girls who don't have a brother(s), a father will be the main man to "train on".

Even though you will bring your own two cents into your future relationships with men, you may often remember how your father acted, what he said, how he treated you and your mom.

A daughter and father relationship teaches daughters a lot. Here are some of the main things that a father should teach his daughter:


When your dad respects you, it is the first sense of respect that you receive from a person of the opposite sex.

Since dad is one of the key figures in a girl's life, it is very important that he treats her with respect and consideration.


The daughter has to be able to safely relax with her dad. A good dad knows when his daughter has to be given her privacy, he knows about the interpersonal boundaries.


All fathers want to know that their daughter is going to be safe out there in the world or he'd like to feel that way.

If It were my daughter, I'd make sure she knew how to handle herself physically.

You and I know there are a bunch of crazy fools and I mean fools out there. I'd enroll my daughter in some type of self defense courses growing up.

Getting her somewhat used to heavy and violent hands trying to do her some harm. That is an investment in her and your peace of mind as being a parent.

Make sure they specialize in self defense. I've found just because its a martial arts course, doesn't necessarily mean that it's practical for the streets.


Even though daughters always stay "little girls" for their dads, fathers need to teach their daughters fairness and equality. Overly authoritative fathers either subdue daughters or make them rebel.

A submissive daughter may find herself in a similar controlling relationship with her future partner, while rebellious daughters may learn to perceive men as an enemy.

When a father is fair to his daughter by negotiating and compromising with her, she will gain the confidence and self-respect, which will help her to build a healthy relationship with a man in the future.

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