Sibling Relationships can Provide Closeness and Support

Sibling relationships are one of the longest relationships that a person enters into with any of their family members.

For example, a relationship of a child and a parent lasts around 40-60 years, while a sibling relationship may last for as much as 80 years.

The relationship between siblings generally depends on their genders, their ages, and other factors.

It's considered that the relationship between sisters is the closest, followed by the sister and brother relationship, and followed by the brother and brother relationship.

The relationship of blood siblings who were raised in the same family can be stronger than the relationship between step siblings, or blood siblings that were raised in separate families.

Scientific Studies

Scientists differentiate various types of relationships between siblings. The strongest relationship is called intimate, the followed by friendly and finally apathetic.

Scientists have further subdivided these relations by the depth of involvement, such as congenial and loyal. The rarest type of a relationship between siblings is known as hostile.

It's estimated to involve only 5%-10% of the siblings, while the rest of the siblings enter into intimate or friendly relationships.

Treat Everyone the Same

In general, siblings will develop a friendly relationship within their adulthood, even if they used to be rivals in their younger years.

However, it's very important that parents raise siblings without making one of the siblings feel oppressed or "worse" than his/her brothers or sisters.

Minimizing the rivalry between the siblings may be achieved by spending some quality time alone with each of the siblings to show your affection.

Additionally, parents should not compare siblings to one another. By teaching siblings to be friends and supporters of each other from a young age, the siblings will be more likely to maintain a healthy bond in their adult years.

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