Long Distance Relationship Poems Bring You Closer

Many of the best love poems are long distance relationship poems. When that special someone is miles away and you know it will be a long time before you can be together again, it helpsto express your feelings through poetry.

The feelings become intense, which is the perfect situation for a love-sick poet. If you're not a writer, you can read what other long distance lovers have written and find that expression you desire.

Technology Makes it Easier

Poems are wonderful to share with your love, either in a traditional letter, complete with perfume, or through email or text messaging.

Modern technology has provided for far-apart lovers to be able to hear each others' voices as well as reading written messages in real time. Whether your love poems rhyme or not is entirely up to you. Some literary critics scorn rhyming poetry, but it can be very satisfying to write.

Do your best to make it flow well when read aloud, though, because sometimes it can sound trite or childish. Good poems are also often short, but if you want to pour it all out in a lengthy relationship poem, go for it.

Here is a bit of poetry to get you inspired to try your own.

Our Last Kiss

It lingers on my mouth, my cheek,
Like fragrant honeysuckle soft with dew,
Sweet, memorable...so soft repeated in my mind

How I desire that day of which we speak
When your face will rise before mine in plain view
And a brand new kiss on my lips is what I find!

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