Adult Breastfeeding Relationship Open Minded View

When talking about an adult breastfeeding relationship (adult nursing), it is important to keep an open mind and taboos in check.

People have different backgrounds and views and different things work for different couples.

First of all, what is an adult breastfeeding relationship? Put simply, it is when one partner nurses (suckles) their female partner, with or without lactation.

The frequency and the length of the nursing vary in different couples.

You Guys Must have Patience

Such relationships usually begin when a woman becomes pregnant and starts to lactate. After giving birth, the sexual marital relationship often changes.

Some fathers may feel jealous or curious when they watch the mother nursing and cuddling the baby.

If the intimate and/or sexual needs of the father are not met, he may start to desire this type of bond with his female partner.

Other breastfeeding relationships may start after a miscarriage or a stillborn child.

The lactating woman may feel a deep need to nurse, but there is no baby to nurse.

Nursing her partner instead of the baby can help to relieve her emotional pain by bonding this way with her partner.

Some of these relationships don't start with pregnancy, but out of a sexual or intimate desire for bonding, which is pleasurable and comforting to some people.

Not all adult nursing relationships involve drinking the breast milk. The partner may often simply suckle the woman.

However, lactation can actually be induced by frequent daily suckling even in women who have never been pregnant.

Breast milk is sterile and is proven to boost the immune system in adult cancer patients.

Potential negatives to adult breastfeeding may include: unwanted lactating, sore nipples and/or breasts.

Many people feel very uncomfortable about adult breastfeeding while others enjoy it.

It is an individual decision that is made by the couple. What is considered taboo for one couple is perfectly normal for another.

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