Platonic relationship

by Mary

Visitors Question:

I am in a relationship with a man who is impotent. I fell in love with him and we are living together and making plans for our future together.

He has told me we will never be intimate. We have never had sex and he does not touch me in a sexual way or kiss me passionately.

I have tried to be understanding and comfortable with this platonic love relationship, but I am attracted to him and still want an intimate relationship.

I was previously married to a gay man and have longed for a healthy heterosexual sex life.
My current partner tells me that our kind love transcends sex in a loving relationship.

He has agreed to allow me to find a lover. I don't want to leave my partner. I do love him and I know relationships are not all about sex.

What is your take on this? Oh I am 60 and he is 53.


Well age has nothing to do with it, it all depends on what's important to you. If sex is what you want to play a part in your relationship, well this guy is obviously not for you.

You'll just have to sit and talk this out. Communication is key. If you want sex to be a part of it and if that part is not satisfied in some way, then you may be heading for destruction from the very beginning.

You need to think about this seriously. Better safe than sorry. The foundation has to be right and understood.

Some decisions are not easing to make nor handle, but a level of respect and understanding should come of it.

I hope I've answered your question. All the best to you and good luck.

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