in love with a married woman

by Steph1

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I and a married woman in love and I live with her and her husband because we cannot be away from each other, although the relationship is hidden from her husband for now. She claimed she is no longer in love with him and do not have feelings for him, yet she still cares for him and still have sex with him. I asked her why, she claimed because she feels sorry for him and he has to beg for sex before she could have sex with him. She stop going out on dates with her husband, rather go on dates with me all the time since she makes her husband believe we are just close friends. I feel sad for a fact that she do have sex with him once in a while when I'm in my room, I would think that is disrespectful, and why does she still have sex with him, yet she claimed she is not in love with him nor have feelings for him anymore? I do not know what to do because I am so in love with her, I don't see somebody else and it is very difficult for me to come out of the relationship. Please advise what I must do.


I suggest you get out of there ASAP. You don't need all that drama. Evidently she's playing you and her husband.

What is so disrespectful about she's sleeping and having sex with her husband? You're wrong for even being there and getting into the middle of all that.

You have an advantage because you have no ties to anyone of them. Why are you putting yourself through that. Find your own partner.

I hope I've given you something to go with. All the best and good luck.

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