Lesbian Ex's Still Around....Almost Daily!

by Delia
(Hoboken, NJ)

Visitors Question: My girlfriend's 2 ex's are now married and call and text her constantly and want us to hang out frequently.

Like every other day frequently. I have mentioned that it's a bit too much as I don't particularly like them, but I'm trying to be social.

Recently, the that's trying to get pregnant and asked my girlfriend to go with her to the gym as her partner was unavailable that day.

I was in no way comfortable with this, stated so and she went anyway because she said it shouldn't be any kind of big deal, this is how lesbians work.

This may be my first lesbian relationship, but where is a gym visit buddy appropriate in any "ex" situation....gay or straight, I feel there needs to be some boundaries.

Am I over-reacting? I think its weird.

Answer: I agree with you. Weird?, it's more than weird, it's dangerous. If the ex has a partner now, what concern is it to your partner?

The ex should just have to wait till her partners available. It's not your partners responsibility. Especially when your partner knows that you're not all that comfy with it.

This is how lesbians do she says? What difference does it make if you're a lesbian or not? I'm not buying it.

Common sense is universal, I should hope. You should sit her down and discuss what's bothering you and what you're not willing to accept.

Then you'll see where you stand, but all this would be way too much for me. I guess I'm not to tolerable of all sorts of BS. ;)

I hope I've given you something to roll with. All the best and good luck.

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