Is asking for money + a red flag?

by Robert
(Wheaton, md - usa)

Visitors Question:
I am dating someone who lives in the same apartment building as me first date was Tuesday & i am invited to go bowling this afternoon, her counselor treated me to dinner & I paid my own for the movie & snacks for me, the woman's counselor paid for her]. But my date admitted she asks people for money. So is panhandling a red flag?

Thanks & God bless you all!

Counselor? What's the counselor for? Is she an convict, a drug addict or something? Does she has mental issues?

Asking people for money? What do you think? How old are you anyway?

I'm sure you know the answers cause you wouldn't be here asking, but just in case, my answer would be yes, that is a red flag.

What's her reason for asking for money? Is she selling something or...........?

I hope I've given you something to role with.
All the best to you.

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