Be a Giver

The best relationship advice that I have ever received is to always focus on being a giver, not a receiver.

If each person in the relationship is more focused on fulfilling the needs of their partner rather than demanding that their own needs be fulfilled, everyone wins. Each partner will have their needs met and each partner will feel loved, respected and appreciated. It's an automatic win-win.

It is easy to feel resentment in a relationship. We all have a tendency to focus on our own wants and need and when they are not being met we resent our partner for it.

Instead of focusing on what your partner is not doing for you, focus on meeting your partner's needs because the chances are good that if you are feeling resentment, your partner is too. Somebody has to break the cycle.

If you focus on meeting your partner's needs, eventually they will notice and they will be so grateful for your selfless actions that they will naturally want to return the favor. Rather than arguing over who's not doing what, start complimenting each other for what you are doing. Focus on the positives and you will find that the positives start multiplying.

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