is my girl cheating? or is she right for saying i need help?

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I always think my girl is cheating we haven't been together that long. she always talking about what side conversation her and her boss have like ( her being bet to run in the rain for extra money because there bored at work). I knew her before we got together she was sleeping with a guy with a girlfriend. i would be at her sisters house(her sister would have sex with every one along with a couple other girls that were there) she says shes not like them and that's nasty and Ive never actually seen her do it like i have them. she has cheated in the past but told all of them she did it.(so she says)every guy she looks at i think shes lusting for i think she wants her boss at work. I really do love her we have nothing but good times except when i get mad because i think shes cheating. if shes home alone i think shes cheating if i hear guys around her i think shes cheating. she use to have sex for money which i dont look at as bad gotta do what you gotta do but maybe its everything together that makes me accuse her.


Ok, sounds to me that you knew what you had from the very beginning when she was sleeping with a guy with her girlfriend and she's had sex for money and she has cheated before.

So what are you missing? Remember, you can't change anybody. I'm not judging anyone either but maybe she's not the one for you.

If you feel like she's cheating, do your self a favor and say to yourself, why do I feel this way? What is making me think this? And when you put all your answers together, I'd like to know what you'll come up with.

You said yourself, maybe it's everything all together. Seems like you already know the answer to your own question.

I hope I've given you something to role with. All the best to you and good luck.

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