Try This Free Relationship Test on Your Own

This Free Relationship Test should be just the beginning of the some of the questions you may have for yourself.

One question is should you be in a relationship right now to begin with.

I'll try and help you answer this question. No one knows you better than you, or maybe just your mom. LOL

  • First make three columns

  • In the first column:

    Write down all the qualities you'd like that person to have. From their personality and accomplishments to the things that they own or have attained.

    Write it all down and don't leave out anything. Be as honest as possible, no matter how it may sound to anyone else. So be real about it.

    How were you tested in the past?
    How did you test or quiz someone? Share it here!

  • In the second column:

    Write down all the things you'd like to change about yourself. From your personality to the things you'd like to accomplish and the things you'd like to have or attain.

    Again, be real with yourself. Don't leave out anything no matter how it may sound to someone else.

  • In the third column:

    Write down the person whom you are now at this point and time. From your personality to your accomplishments to the things you have attained.

    Again, write down everything and don't leave anything out. But more importantly, don't add anything on the list that isn't true. Be real about it.

    Make sure you're ready when you meet that special person

    NOW, if the third column of this free relationship test is a lot shorter than the second column, you just may not be ready to meet that person you're actually looking for.

    You just may need to make yourself a better person and do what you need to do for yourself first. You should always be trying to improve yourself. No one knows everything. Improve yourself alongside the time you're spending looking for that special person.

    Don't take things to seriously

    Remember, this free relationship test is just to remind yourself where you are currently at this point and time in your life. So have fun with it.

    And you shouldn't be in a hurry. There's no time table. It takes time to grow a tree doesn't it? You'll have what you want, including that special person in due time.

    Sometime things just materialize right in front of you when you least expect it. Will you be ready when it does? Have fun and continue dating.

    Do You Have A Relationship Test and/or Quiz to Share?

    What do you consider a relationship test? How were you tested in the past. Would you recognize the test if it came again? What did you do to test someone?

    Help others to test people. Found a fun quiz or/and test? It would be nice if you shared them with the all come get some forum! You may even find something fun and juicy here yourself. ;)

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