The Reading Test

by Robert
(New York)

Visitors Story:
After having a number of relationships with less than honest women, I figured out a simple test. I asked her what her favorite author was, and bought her a copy of a book she wanted to read.

I put bookmarks in the book -- a dollar bill with a rubberstamp on it, a pass to get into a movie, a prepaid phone card, stuff that would fit into a book without being lumpy and if found would be deemed considerate.

Sure enough, the first girl got her book and was claiming to be reading it without finding any of the tuck ins. One book, one girl. Two books, two girls. Three books, three girls, and at that point I'm beginning to think that in general women that I pick for myself have a veracity problem.

Then out of the blue a girl I don't know asks me out to the movies. She "accidently" lets me see the passes she uses to buy the tickets. I learned later that my first girlfriend had regifted her book to a friend.

And that's how I met my wife.

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