Methods to Make Sure Your Partner is as Faithful as You Are

by Mark
(Northridge, Ca, USA)

Visitors Story:

The most effective way to test your partner's faithfulness is to stalk them constantly. If voyeurism isn't your thing, or you can't afford to plant cameras and microphones all over the place, you can probably try some of these other methods:

1) Observe your partner's friends. If they are uncomfortable around you, there is something to worry about. If they don't get along with you, your relationship won't last too long.

2) If your partner spends inordinate amounts of time with a new person, that can also be something to worry about.

Make sure you listen carefully to the details of any stories. If they don't add up, call your partner out on it. The more flustered they get, the less faithful they are being.

3) If you give your partner a horrible STD, they will pretty much be stuck with you forever. The same applies if they develop any crippling enough disease.

4) Lock your love in your cellar. If (s)he manages to escape then it clearly wasn't meant to be.

I hope these methods help those of you in need!

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