Will I Ever Find This Man?

by Claudine

Visitors Story:
The qualities I am looking for in a guy is first he must be considerate. I want a man who has a one word. He do what he said he'll do. I hate waiting so he should be early at times, If not he can call me and remind me he's gonna be late.

Second one is he must be loyal to me. I hate cheating so if he does not like me anymore, He can tell me straight away.

Third one is I want him to become proud of me, I want him to face my family and proud to introduce me as his girlfriend with his family. Lastly he must be God fearing.

Having a perfect guy means I also need to change so we can match together perfectly. I am woman with no patience and I immediately get mad! Sometimes I can be a liar. So If I want my man to become honest with me, I should be honest to him also.

My boyfriend obtain almost the qualities I wrote down, Except with the third quality I am looking in a man. Until now, with our 4 years in a relationship he haven't introduced me with his parents. So until now I am waiting for him to do that.

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