Put Your Man To The Test!

Visitors Story:
My boyfriend had a female best friend who was a little to clingy for my liking. I wanted to say something, but didn't want to be "that girlfriend." After weeks of her texting and calling all of the time I was past the point of anger.

So I put my boyfriend to the test. I told him that she had been going around telling people that they were romantically involved and not only did that hurt my feelings but was effecting my reputation.

I told him that I didn't believe her but I couldn't deal with that forever. He at first offered to talk to her and I said no because then she will just hate me which will make things worse.

I told him it was going to be me or her and that if he really wasn't romantically involved I didn't understand what the problem was. He then agreed and we haven't heard from her since! I guess he got an A+ on that test!!

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