the party test

by V V

My boyfriend tested me once. We had to go to a party but he got stuck with a project at work.

It was my best friend's birthday party so I couldn't miss it.

I went alone. There was a guy that accosted me and trailed me the whole time.

I told him I have a boyfriend and that I'm not interested in having a relationship with him but he seemed to be deaf to all my telling.

He told me that nobody has to know about us, that he has to go to another country the next day and what have you.

I got sick and tired of him and I went home. Alone.

The next day my boyfriend told me that the guy was one of his best friends and that he tested me.

I was upset that he couldn't trusted me from the very beginning but I understood that he needed to do that because he got hurt in the past. We're still together and happy.

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