His consistent lying was driving me crazy.

by SummerDae

It started off as little things, you know the kind, silly joking, with little white lies attached.

At first it did not bother me at all. Until one day, I watched him do it to his mom without batting an eye.

I started paying closer attention, and realized he was doing the same thing to me.

Not just occasionally, He was doing it to me...ALL THE TIME! One night he told me, I have to go to (Danny's) his best friend at the times house.

He claimed it was for fantasy football. I said okay, and waited till he had been gone awhile before I drove over to Danny's house to check it out.

He was there alright. With his ex girlfriend. Her car parked right behind his.

I sat right there in my car and called him, I could hear the house being shushed, before he answered.

Testing time: What you doing? I asked. he says, I'm on Danny's computer checking on some of our stats.

I asked who was all hanging out tonight? Just a bunch of the guys, he answered. Interesting, It's so quiet, you guys drinking? of course not sweetie, he says.

That's when I heard her snicker, I hit the roof, in a very calm way. I said good night, walked to the door, knocked on it.

She opened the door, the look of fear and surprise written all over her face.

I sneered at her, and started to laugh. Who's laughing now, I asked.

My boyfriend came around the corner, I threw my fist, and before my swing was over, his butt was on the ground, stunned. I left and never turned back.

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