Surviving Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are very challenging, but they can work out, with a little effort!

Anyone who has been in distance relationships in the past knows how challenging they can be. It seems that most other relationship issues pale in comparison to what people in these relationships face.

distance relationship

After all, many of the biggest issues with relationships, such as jealousy, lack of attention, or communication problems, are only made worse by being far away from the one you love.

If you need help surviving a distance relationship, here is some relationship advice. First of all, know right away that distance relationships are no picnic.

Find Ways to Show You Care

The trick is to "be there" as much as you can, even if you can’t be with the other person physically.

This may mean sending gifts or photos, and doing special things on certain days to let the other person know that you are thinking of them.

Also, you will have to build trust to survive distance relationships, since you have really no idea what the other person is doing.

Long distance relationships aren't all bad, though. After all, you can develop very good communication during distance relationships.

Since you can't see each other, you tend to spend a lot of time on the phone, which means that you do a lot more talking than many couples who see each other regularly do.

long distance relationship

Also, you will probably not have the same tendency to take each other for granted.

If you and your partner can be strong enough to endure a distance relationship, it just may work.

Remember, trust is one very big factor in distance relationships. It's not for everyone.

Again, know who you are, recognize your situation. Know what you like and want. It all depends on what's more important.

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