Toxic Relationships can Cause all Kinds of Problems

Toxic relationships can cause an individual to suffer feelings such as anger, depression, sadness, confusion.

If you are in a relationship with such a person and that relationship continues for some time then your health will begin to suffer.

Don't Make Yourself Sick

For example if you are continually suffering from bullying at work or college this can cause you to suffer headaches, migraines, stomach upsets, nervousness and a whole host of other symptoms.

Suffer this from day to day and before long, you will be making excuses not to go into work/college or partake in other activities.

This is when the relationship begins to alter your lifestyle seriously and you need to take steps to make changes.

If you were to continue suffering within these environments, the effects can be devastating. If this is occurring with employers, colleagues or friends you have made, then it may be easier to deal with them.

Try And Take Control of Things

First you could try standing up for yourself, or you may want to tell them how you feel. As a last resort, any form of bullying in the work place can be reported and stopped.

It is another thing if the relationship is with a sibling, mother, father or even within a marriage. That is not to say that the relationship has to go on as it is.

In this case, you may choose to talk the problem over with them and explain how their actions affect you. You may be able to turn things around simply by sticking up for yourself.

Sometimes you have to give them the benefit of the doubt, as they may not have realized the distress they were causing you.

Some people are naturally toxic to be around and if this is the case, simply stay away from them, relatives or not.

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