Understanding Women Relationships

Women Relationships

There are many reasons behind this fact and this article aims to clarify some confusion that men have when it comes to understanding women. Not saying that I totally understand them myself.

Some Men Mistakes

If your relationships with women always turn out wrong, it could be a pattern.

Since it can’t be the fault of every woman that you date, it may be a good time to start looking into yourself to find out whether you might be the cause of this repeating pattern.

The problem of many men is having a certain outlook or particular expectations of all women.

If you have particular expectations of each woman that you date, you are destined to get disappointed each time when your expectations prove to be wrong.

Every woman is unique, and every woman will show her individual personality with time. If you are projecting your expectations on a woman, you may see the real person only when it's too late, and when a painful breakup may be the only way to go.

Be Yourself

Men and women will often do and say anything it takes to attract the person that they are interested in.

However, this is like a bait and switch action. What you show or what you see at first is on the surface, and the most important thing is to try to see deeper.

It's important to remember when it comes to men and women, there's compatible and incompatible people.

Each dating experience is a step to learning about yourself and learning about your perfect compatible partner.

Some Women Mistakes

Some women relationships fail cause they may be bringing some baggage from past relationships.

Remember everyone deserves a fair shake, including you. If you're bitter about some issues in the past, it will show and you should know because you're the one constantly speaking upon it.

If you feel this is what you're doing, well it's time to get a grip with it. Get a grip before you start entertaining someone else. Put it behind you.

Learn from it. Recognize what transpired and make little adjustments for the next time. Another mistake in women relationships occurs when they use the “but you're the man” excuse when it's convenient for them.

Remember, society has dictated what men should be. And with women independence these days, people have changed things.

So don't pull the “cause you're a man” card and then at other times say you're independent when it's convenient for you.

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