Can A Platonic Relationship Turn Into Something Else, Then Last?

What is a platonic relationship? Ever had one turn romantic?

Here's What Was Said in An Interview

The question asked was, Is It Possible To Be Friends With A Member Of The Opposite Sex? Some people say a relationship that's platonic with a member of the opposite sex is unattainable believing that sex will eventually become an issue at some point in time.

I must disagree as I have had one for more than twenty years. Let me first explain that we are two reasonably attractive, smart, and hetero-sexual people, not related to each other and normal in every way.

I think the two keys to this friendship are total respect and absolute honesty. I believe people play too many games in the pursuit of what they call love. True love is accepting another, with all their faults, unconditionally.

My friend and I do not always agree on every subject but we are both emotionally mature enough to discuss our disagreements and respect each others views. Because we are not limited to the erotic description of love, it has opened up a world of deeper pleasures for us.

We have lived in the same house for 15 years without encroaching on each others personal space. It has been a complete friendship for me in almost every way, and I can't imagine being happy in my life without it.

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