The Problems with Rebound Relationships

Rebound relationships are mainly a way to avoid dealing with with a break up. In many cases this type of relationship can bring heartaches for the parties involved.

It often starts as a one night stand or just something moving too fast or just something to do to pass the time. It's often used to take your mind off someone else.

Don't Rush Into Anything

If you've broken up with a partner and in particular if that relationship had been going for some time, it may be smart to try to get over it or work through that first.

Rushing into another relationship straight away in the majority of cases can be a huge mistake.

A relationships on the rebound is rather like saying "if you fall from a horse you need to get straight back in the saddle", however in this case getting straight back into dating may be the wrong thing to do.

Listen To Your Feelings

Now on the other hand if you really feel that this type of relationship is the best for you because everyone is different, well then go for it.

Nothing's written in stone and you have to know yourself and what's best for you.

Just make sure that the other person is out your system at this point and time regardless when the breakup occurred.

Sometimes the feeling has been loooong gone before you've eventually made the move.

Think About That Other Person's Feelings

It may not only be damaging to the one initiating the relationship, but also for the individual you're entering into the new relationship with. Chances are your focus and thoughts may not be on the new love, but on the old one.

You may be constantly comparing them to the other and it may just happen verbally, just out of reflex and can be very unfair. You may even dump them without thought if you were to get a call from you ex.

Sometimes people use other people to make your ex jealous in the hope of them wanting you back. And that can be one of the worst things you can do, cause it may just backfire.

Before rushing into a rebound relationship, give some thought about your feelings and the feelings of others.

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