Female Led Relationship - Here are some tips for surviving

Even among liberated women, a female led relationship can seem like second best.

Deep in the heart of a woman, there is often a secret desire for their man to lead the household as men did in days gone by.

In reality, however, there are many women who possess good leadership skills and there are many men who prefer to be a bit passive.

These couples can be just as happy as any couples.

She Can Take The Lead With TLC

One thing for women to remember when they are in a female led relationship is that even a quiet, passive man has a male ego.

The best way for a woman to lead when the man's ego is still intact is to lead without making a lot of fanfare about it or going around banging on your chest like chest like King Kong.

You don't have to rub it in every time you make an important decision. But I understand most women would like the man to lead.

Another tip is to stroke his ego from time to time. This can be as simple as asking him to remove tightly stuck lids from jars and then making a fuss over his biceps.

Remember that even if you are in a female led relationship, and maybe especially then, a man needs to be admired and appreciated. Be sure to let him know that you think the world of him just you would like.

Try the Even Steven Route

Maybe the best course of action for a female led relationship, however, is for the two parties to work toward a more even distribution of power.

Most couples are happiest when they both have some say-so in the household decisions. Look for ways to share the burden of leadership.

And for You Men to Remember.....

Here's a little tip for your strong arm men. There are some things that you are good at and there will be some things that your partner will be good at.

If she's good at putting up sheet rock and wants to do it, well let her. Just be there to supervise and make sure she doesn't hurt herself, that's just one way to assist her. Should love to fall off that ladder into your arms, she may even do it on purpose, so be ready. ;)

It seems most men aren't being brought up to speed about the modern day woman. I say this time and time again. She may be needy, but in different ways.

For example, she may not care about your money or what you can give her because most women these days can probably do all that themselves.

Mostly, women need you to support them and protect them when needed. There are many definitions of support and security and most women want to be supported and feel secure in different ways.

Support her in most of her endeavors and make her feel secure in a way that you're showing that you will never let anything happen to her.

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