Black White Relationships - Narrow-Minded Views of the Outer Packaging Still Exist

Black white relationships may experience racial prejudice. Discouraging words and sidelong glances from your friends and family are not pleasant to face.

The most troubling aspect is that people who claim not to have any prejudice turn out to be affected by racial prejudice when it comes to an actual relationship.

Prejudice is not just a black and white issue. Any mixed race couple (Indian, Asian, etc.) may be disapproved of by some narrow-minded people.

People are People

Some couples never come against prejudice while others often do.

Visually "obvious" ethnic origins may often become a problem for a black and white couple. People who are prejudice see the outer packaging rather than what really counts - the person inside.

People who are prejudice fail to understand that everyone has the same thoughts, emotions, feelings, dreams and desires.

Our blood is red and bones are white - no matter what color is the outer packaging.

There's Much To Learn From Different People

The truth is that different cultural backgrounds can enrich one's life in so many ways including ones outlook, perceptions and views.

The good point is that the prognosis for interracial couples is very positive as our world is moving in the right direction. Humankind is becoming increasingly tolerant and respectful to other cultures, religions and beliefs, as well as different skin color.

The number of interracial couples and children born in mixed race couples is constantly growing. Even though it might be tough now for some people, overall it is getting better everyday.

Numerous relationships result in decades of a happy life with open-minded multicultural children. If it works for you, if you have a happy relationship and get along well, go for it!

Don't worry about others: your friends' and family's concerns are their own problem.

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