Short Term Relationships vs. Long Term Relationships

Are short term relationships or long term relationships better and can you choose in advance?

The fact is that it's hardly possible to predict exactly which way any given relationship will go.

However, many people do have a particular outlook and expectations for their new relationship, such as some people are looking for a short term relationship in particular.

Be Straight and Honest about What you Want

The most important aspect here is being open about your plans. When two people meet and decide to start dating, they may have completely different expectations from each other and from their union.

It's very important to tell your partner what you are looking for, and to try to find out what your partner is expecting from this relationship from the very beginning in order to avoid any unpleasant consequences in the future.

Which Type of Relationship is best for you and why?

It's hard to tell which type of a relationship is better. However, the bond that two people can develop in a happy long-term relationship cannot be compared to the short-term relationship's bond.

It often happens that people get burned in a long-term relationship and they vow to only date short-term, at least for a period of time. Another reason for engaging in shorter term relationships is the inability to find a perfect match.

Go Long Term When you're Ready

On the other hand, it often happens that a person who used to regularly go in and out of the short relationships, starts to feel fed-up and bored and starts to seek for something more valuable and rewarding in the long run.

Short term and long term relationships are equally "good". Only the future will show what a particular relationship will turn out to be.

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