Pros and Cons on Casual Relationships

If you have entered into casual relationships, then you may be very happy that there are no strings attached to the relationship.

And you have company while at the same time being able to go out with the girls/boys whenever you feel like it.

Relationships that are casual can generally or generally not last beyond several months.

I have seen some agreements like these last even years, so it is possible.

One reason behind it not lasting is that many factors come into play during the course of a relationship and things can take a twist.

Feelings can change at any time

Almost certainly, one of the partner’s feelings may change and they will want to develop.

the relationship into something deeper, and that's ok if that's what you both want.

Maybe at some point and time in your life, it has happened to you, saying that your feelings may change as well.


Remember, communication is key.

Be ready for what can happen

If the others feelings are not the same and they want to continue in the relationship, then jealousy can enter the relationship.

Jealousy in a relationship never works and is one sure way to send any relationship downhill fast and even more so in what started out to be casual fun.

Try to be straight and honest

It would be wise to be straight with people. For example, you may like to date more than one person, but with no strings attached. You just may want to keep things light and some what casual with everyone.

And if you want to do that, then it would be wise to let everyone know, so there's no resentment or heartbreaks.

I know you can't control people’s feelings so remember people’s feelings can change with time. I'm sure you already know this.

And if that happens, let that person know where your head is at, at that particular time of your life.

At the least people will respect your honesty. They may not like it, but they have no other reason not to respect it.

Of course, this is just one of many feelings that will enter into the relationship and there will be many more, each of which may drive you further apart.

The only way that casual relationships can work is if both sides want the relationship to flow into something deeper.

Both sides are then able to move on together and a good strong relationship may begin to develop.

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