What a Crush Can Do to the Teacher Student Relationship

The teacher student relationship is one of the most important aspects of a young person's life because it has a powerful impact on their emotional development.

Good teachers try hard to stay professional, but when a pretty young teenage girl has a crush on a grown man in his twenties, thirties, or even forties, it can be very tempting to him!

A high school girl who's sweet on her teacher can be the cause of his divorce or for him to lose his job. At the college level, the distinction blurs a bit because both people involved are adults, yet the same kind of feelings can easily happen.

Girls who want a certain teacher student relationship to blossom into something more should keep in mind that until they reach 18 years old, the teacher is likely to get into trouble for returning any affection.

You need to wait until you are old enough to pursue the romance without jeopardizing his job.

Be Careful What You Say and Do

If it is real love and he feels it too, he will still be around. On the other hand, if you happen to be a teacher dealing with a starry-eyed student, there are things you can do to cool her off before anything happens. For one thing, watch out about hugs.

A lot of people act like hugs will save the world, but there are certain people who should not be hugging on a casual and frequent basis. Hugging feels too much like loving to a young girl. If she tries to hug you, be cold and stiff and avoid it if you can. Another way you might cool off a crush is to attend a school function with your wife or a girlfriend.

Stay Professional

Be real attentive to your real-life love in front of your romance-struck student and she will probably get the idea that you are not available. And then again it can get worse.

If you are quite young and unattached and the girl is an older teen, you may see fine qualities in her as a woman. You may be able to pursue the relationship after she graduates, but until then you should make it a priority to keep the teacher student relationship professional.

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