Are Relationship Quizzes Helpful?

If you have ever read a popular lifestyle magazine, you are likely to have seen relationship quizzes within the pages, just waiting to be taken.

These types of quizzes are supposed to assess all different kinds of things about your relationship, including how affectionate you and your significant are with each other, how jealous one of you are, or many other different things.

The answer to that question has to do with the nature of the relationship quiz itself. For example, many quizzes for relationships are designed to be more for entertainment than for actual enlightenment.

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Clearly, quizzes with very extreme or even silly questions and answers are not specifically designed to truly tell you anything important about yourself or your relationship but some do, like the little check relationship test I'll have for you soon. ;)

When you are deciding whether they're actually going to be insightful or not, consider the questions and answers. Are the questions applicable to most relationships and relationship issues?

Also, are the answers worded in a way that none of them really fit your situation? The more times you are forced to make a choice between answers that don't really fit you or your relationship at all, the less accurate and meaningful the relationship quiz will be.

That's why you shouldn't put a lot of stock into them because they're designed in that way.

Really, there's no way to generalize whether all relationship quizes work, or whether all of them do not work. It all depends on the specific quiz.

However, they are considered fun, just make sure to take them with a grain of salt!

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