What Can be Found Out with Free Relationship Tests?

If you're looking for free relationship tests, you've landing at one of the right places. Wondering if you obsess too much about your ex?

Maybe your ex is holding you back from a great relationship you could be having.

Take this free test to find out.

Question #1 - After you breakup with your partner, your rebound person is usually:

a. just like your ex
b. the opposite of the person you dated last
c. a random person who will make you forget your breakup

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Question #2 - How do you feel about the special "place" you used to have with your ex, such as the special bar, restaurant, or café?

a. you are sad when you see it, but you won't stop going there
b. it's a place you avoid because the town isn't near big enough for both of you
C. it's a good place to go, and it could be fun to run into each other

Question #3 - You feel an urge to go and see your ex. What do you do about it?

a. you come up with an excuse to send them an email
b. you ignore the urge, especially since you already deleted their number anyway
c. you stalk them through Face book and then call up a friend to keep you from going to see them

Question #4 - When you mention your ex, the people you know have this reaction:

a. they roll their eyes because you always defend their actions
b. look really concerned and ask you if there is someone new in your life
c. let you know how much happier you really are now that you're free of your ex

Question #5 - How many things do you have from your relationship, even though you ended it. IE: gifts, letters, cards, movie tickets

a. everything from your relationship
b. nothing, since you gave them back everything you could and threw away everything else you had
c. you have the expensive gifts and a few photos

Your Test Results

All A's - If you answered all A's on your free relationship test, your ex is definitely getting in your way. What you need to realize that is just accidentally emailing your ex or trying to run into them is not going to get them back into your life. Pack away the gifts and remember the good days, but let it go. This is getting in the way of a great relationship you could be having.

All B's - All B's on the free relationship test means you have gone a bit overboard with getting over your ex. Sure, you're ready to move on, but remember some things from your past relationship. Remember the good parts. Learn from the mistakes. Learning and remembering can help you to make sure your next relationship is that much better.

All C's - If you took the free relationship test and got all C's, you are much better off without your ex. Sure, you still have thoughts about your ex and appreciate all that you had in the relationship, but you are ready to find something that will be more satisfying for you in the end.

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