Are You Really in Love? Find Out with This Free Relationship Quiz

Looking for a free relationship quiz to help you figure out whether you're really in love?

Sure, you may like your partner, but are you really in love with them? Is this the truelove that you've been dreaming of for so long?

Take this free relationship quiz to find out!

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Question #1 - What is worse? Being with a person you don't connect with or being single?

a. being single
b. dating the person

Question #2 - When someone says "wow I wish I could meet someone like your partner" you immediately:

a. change the subject
b. start blushing and feel warm inside

Question #3 - If your partner lost their job, got a different hairstyle, or got hurt, would you still feel the same about them?

a. yes, of course
b. can I think about it?

Question #4 - What type of compliment would people give your current relationship?

a. you look great together
b. you are so wonderful together

Question #5 - When you talk about your partner, do you edit what you say?

a. yes, sometimes I leave out things that are unattractive or things that make me upset
b. no, I don't need to make them sound better - they're already great

Question #6- If your partner dumped you right now, what would you regret the most?

a. you wasted your time on your partner
b. you'll never be able to be close, hear them laugh, or gaze into their eyes again

Question #7- When you are alone together for a long time, do you feel:

a. blissful, since you have fun even when things are a bit boring
b. bothered with some of the things they do or little annoyances

Question #8- Do you have the urge to flirt with others?

a. no, you like introducing your friends to other great people so they can enjoy this feeling too.
b. sometimes you think about it and want to get out there with others and flirt a bit, although you don't plan to cheat.

Question #9- Have you asked others if they think your partner is right for you?

a. yes, you like a bit of reassurance
b. no, since you know all about your feelings for that person and you don't need the approval of others.

Question #10- Do you still have a rush when you get ready to go on dates?

a. not a rush, but you are happy you're going out
b. when you think about them showing up it gives you a huge smile

Question #11- Do you brag about your partner to others?

a. of course, I'm thinking about my partner all the time and can't keep quiet
b. no, I just don't want to push my thoughts onto other, although they are great

Free Relationship Quiz Scoring in Points:

Question 1: a - 1, b - 2
Question 2: a - 1, b - 2
Question 3: a - 2, b - 1
Question 4: a - 1, b - 2
Question 5: a - 1, b - 2
Question 6: a - 1, b - 2
Question 7: a - 2, b - 1
Question 8: a - 2, b - 1
Question 9: a - 1, b - 2
Question 10: a - 1, b - 2
Question 11: a - 2, b - 1

19-22 points - You're in Love!

15-18 points - You may be falling in love.

11-14 points - You like them, but it's not true love - at least not yet.

Remember, this free relationship quiz just as most others are just for fun. But they can give you an idea of where your head is at any particular time.

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