A Free Relationship Compatibility Test - Are You a Good Match?

A Free relationship compatibility test may give insight about the match between the would-be partners or partners in a relationship.

Compatibility testing is not based on any scientific approach, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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However, answering the simple questions of a relationship compatibility test can shed some light on your existing or possible relationship.

Please, answer the following questions with "Yes", "Not Sure", or "No", and calculate each answer.

1. Do you know each other well?

2. Do you know each other's parents?

3. Do you know each other's friends?

4. Do you know each other's previous girlfriend/boyfriend?

5. Do you find him/her attractive?

6. Do you give presents to each other?

7. Have you been away (for instance, on a vacation) together?

8. Do you love him/her?

9. Do you think he/she loves you?

10. Do you yearn for him/her?

If the majority of your answers are "Yes", you seem to be very compatible, and there is a great chance of a lasting and happy relationship.

If the majority of your answers are "Not Sure", your relationship may be just budding, or you might be less compatible. Try to learn each other better, spend more time together and the outcome may be very positive.

If the majority of your answers are "No", you seem to be less compatible. Consider learning more about each other, which will help you to decide how to proceed.

A free relationship compatibility test may provide you with helpful personal advice, but choosing your life partner is much more involved than the insight that any test can provide you with.

Listen to your mind first then your heart will tell your brain how you feel ;), let time take its course, and you will soon find yourself in a happy and satisfying relationship.

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