Many Women in Abusive Relationships are unable to End Such a Relationship

Women in abusive relationships become victims of terror inflicted by their boyfriends or husbands.

In lesbian couples, women may also become a victim of their woman partner.

Abuse should have no place in a healthy relationship, but there are reasons to explain the behavior of both the abuser and the victim.

Many people who have never experienced abuse use statements such as the following:

"Just leave your abusive partner." or "Your partner is nothing but a tyrant."

Not saying it's impossible, but everyone is just not that strong to just up and leave, but some do.

However, such statements come from a shallow understanding of the situation.

There are multiple reasons that may make the victim stay in such a dysfunctional relationship. They include:

  • relying on your partner as a source of income and other needed assets
  • being threatened by the abuser, such as threats to harm or damage you, the children, or themselves
  • being threatened by taking away the custody of the children
  • wanting the children to grow up in a family with both parents
  • not having friends or family to rely on for help, e.g., a place to go
  • hoping that things will get better
  • feeling guilty, blaming yourself as a cause of violence and trying to improve the relationship
  • loving the abuser (or children loving the abuser)
  • Leaving isn't Easy

    Leaving the abuser is never easy and on average a woman tries to leave the abuser 3-7 times before the final breakup.

    The worst and the longest cases of abuse may result from one's personal beliefs, such as religious or cultural beliefs that a woman has to comply with a man, growing up in a dysfunctional family, and subconsciously believing that violence is inevitable in a relationship.

    Recognize the Early Warning Signs

    It's very important to notice the alarming signs of abuse in a relationship whether it's an emotional or a physical abuse.

    If it's happening to you or if you know of other women in abusive relationships, you should try to do your best to help the person get out of a detrimental and dangerous relationship.

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