One Reason Why Relationships Fail

Why relationships fail? Is there a way to avoid the hurt and pain in your next relationship?

One of the most common reasons why many relationships fail is the bait and switch phenomena.

Or maybe the relationship started out on the wrong foot from the very beginning. Was there something about that person that you ignored?

Was it something about him or her that you knew was against your grain, and you thought that it would be alright with you later?

Be You From the Very Beginning

Sometime what partners first see and show is not their regular behavior and personalities. The culprit is the so-called social facade that each one of us has.

A social facade is how we present ourselves to other people. A human plays many roles in his/her life, such as mother/daughter, father/son, student/teacher, husband/wife, etc.

Each of these roles requires a particular facade. Throughout life we learn to adjust and to act appropriately in each situation.

When we find a person that we like, and that we would really want to date, we decorate our existing social facade with pretty flowers, ribbons and balloons, just to make this person like us.

Action Speaks Louder than Words

For example, at first a person tries to always look their best in front of their partner. They are very attentive and caring.

This "dating dance" is a completely normal behavior, but there comes an end to it at some point.

Seeing the changes in your partner and forgetting that your partner sees similar changes in you, often is a culprit to why relationships fail.

What you see in the beginning is a romantic stage in your relationship. You can help your relationship last by adding romance to it every now and then.

And by preparing yourself to the fact that your relationship will inevitably turn into a more casual one with time, it's very important that you and your partner are happy with the next stage in your relationship, the more casual one.

There are ups and downs in every relationship, but if there are more ups, then your relationship is truly worth fighting for.

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